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HONGYU Crystals Limited , established in 1973, is one of China ‘s largest manufacturer designated by the Ministry of Information Industry as a specialist in design , production , research and development and marketing of crystal components .

Our main products are classified into three categories, including Quartz Crystals , Crystal Oscillators and Crystal Filters used in all kinds of equipment system, such as military , communication, navigation, precision instrument, aerospace, broadcast, television , telephone, computer and remote control system, etc. Annual production capacity reaches over 50Mpcs.

The company has abundant technical force and advanced manufacturing , testing , sorting and experiment equipment imported from the United States , Japan and Germany , as well as a clean plant of 1200 square meters , which reaches class 5000. Our production is under strict quality control supervision , which ensures quality products . Over 30 years in this field has witnessed our growth and helps us earn the credibility and reputation .

The company was certified by the ISO9001 and National Military Quality Management System (GJB9001A-2001).

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